Our focus is on bringing internationally distinguished writing professionals to Ojai — and showcasing the wealth of literary talent in Ojai — in order to educate, inspire and entertain eager, serious writing students.

Literary luminaries include (Past & Upcoming):

Our writing teachers hail from:

– IOWA WRITERS’ WORKSHOP & IOWA SUMMER WRITING FESTIVAL – The University of Iowa Writers’ Workshop was the first creative writing degree program in the United States and the model for contemporary writing programs. Though a graduate degree program, it is known informally as the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Workshop alumni have won seventeen Pulitzer Prizes (most recently Paul Harding in 2010), as well as numerous National Book Awards and other major literary honors. Three recent U.S. Poet Laureates have been graduates of the Workshop. In 2003, the Workshop received a National Humanities Medal from the National Endowment for the Humanities. It was the first Medal awarded to a university, and only the second given to an institution rather than an individual. We are thrilled to host two of their treasured writing teachers from the Iowa Summer Writing Festival.

– PACIFICA GRADUATE INSTITUTE, MYTHOLOGY STUDIES – Myth has the power to connect us deeply with others and ourselves through the sharing of our archetypal stories. PGI houses the late mythologist Joseph Campbell’s 3,000-book library and archival collection.  (Campbell is considered  the “Patron Saint” of the Mythological Studies program.) This is the only doctoral program in the nation dedicated to Myth. The co-chair of the Mythology department, Evans Lansing Smith, who traveled around the world with Joseph Campbell, will be one of our featured writing teachers.

– UCLA EXTENSION WRITERS’ PROGRAM: This is the largest open-enrollment Creative Writing and Screenwriting program in the nation! The program offers an extraordinary variety of on-site and online courses (over 525 annually.) We’re thrilled to feature one of UCLA Writers’ Program finest teachers who has been teaching there for more than 10 years and was recognized with an “Outstanding Teacher” award.

– Ventura & Santa Barbara Universities and Colleges including UCSB, UCCI, Antioch, Santa Barbara City College, Moorpark College, Ventura Community College and Oxnard College

– HOLLYWOOD: We’re bringing in experts and working professionals in the entertainment industry to share insights on topics ranging from Screenwriting to the business of being a writer. Our featured screenwriting teacher recently sold his script to Disney (grossing $250 million worldwide) and another teacher was named by Oprah as the “best in the biz.”

– OJAI: Southern California has a wealth of literary talent and we’re securing some of the absolute best writing teachers for our writing students like Gay Hendricks, Larry Chambers, Peter Bellwood and Patricia Fry who are of international renown and best-selling authors and writing teachers living right here in Ojai.