Doc and Zoe Murdock

Doc and Zoe Murdock
Doc and Zoe met in the graduate creative writing program at the University of Utah, where Doc was working on his Ph.D. and Zoe was working on her master’s degree. Since then, they have taught writing at the University of Utah, UCLA, CSULA and CSULB.  Dr. Murdock is currently an emeritus professor at CSU Long Beach. For the past ten years, he and Zoe have been writing fiction full-time. They also run the website and edit the FictionWeek Literary Review.
The Ojai Writing Workshop
The Ojai Writing Workshop, taught by Doc and Zoe Murdock, is an advanced, technical oriented creative writing workshop. We focus on the elements of fiction: style, plot, point of view, voice, characterization, and description, rather than just story and character as many writing groups do. Submissions are sent to the group by email. Members must read and give general feedback by return email, and come prepared to talk about the larger writing concepts in the group meetings which take place at the Ojai Library every Thursday evening from 5:30 to 8:00 pm. We think it is so important for writers to get objective feedback from fellow writers, that we have always provided this service for free. Anyone can attend, but they must be actively writing and they must provide feedback on all submissions. Members of the group bring whatever they need feedback on. It is up to them, as long as it is fiction. Although we occasionally workshop poetry and plays, our focus is on fiction: short stories, novels, and creative non-fiction that uses fictional techniques.
The Ojai Writing Workshop has been meeting weekly for eight years. The group first met in Elio Zarmati’s, Local Hero bookstore, then we moved to the Twice-Sold TalesBookstore, and now we meet in the Ojai Library. Before we moved to Ojai, we taught a similar workshop in Santa Cruz.More than 400 people have attended the workshop at one time or another. Currently, there are between 15 and 20 writers actively participating.
List of books, short stories, and plays produced in the workshop
Many of our writers have published works with national publishers before joining the group. The following published works were workshopped in the group:
Torn by God: A Family’s Struggle with Polygamy, a novel by Zoe Murdock
The Drew Steele Detective series of novels by E E. “doc” Murdock
A Psalm for Cock Robin, a novel by E.E. “doc” Murdock
Dharma Brothers Kodo and Tokujoo: A Historical Novel Based On The Lives Of TwoJapanese Zen Masters (Volume 1), a novel by Arthur Braverman
A Woman’s Way, a novel by Sofia Diana Gabel
The Clean Slate Accord, a novel by Sofia Diana Gabel
Jake and The Knight Of The Road, a one act play by Frank Malle, first place in the Elite Theatre’s One Act Festival
The Girl Who Taught Me How to Fly a short memoir by Jon Myhre
All I Ever Wanted, a short story by Sean Daly published in Front Lip
You Stand Like a Fool Watching, a short story by Sean Daly winner of the Ventura County Library Writing Contest, Art Tales
Chili Dogs, a short story by Sean Daly, winner of the Splintered Lip Contest
The Stockholm Syndrome, a short story by Sean Daly, published in FictionWeek Literary Review
Christmas in July, a one act play by Jann Correll, a winner in the Elite Theatre’s One Act Festival
This Isn’t Easy, But…, a poem by Jann Correll published in FictionWeek Literary Review
Ernie’s War, a one act play by Jann Correll, a winner in the Elite Theatre’s One Act Festival
Prisoner of Suggins Holler, a one act play by Jeff Guenther, a winner in the Elite Theatre’s One Act Festival
Websites of interest:
We don’t have a specific website dedicated to the group, but we do discuss writing and publishing issues at our website,
Members of the group also participate in the selection of poems and stories for the FictionWeek Literary Review at: