Gwendolyn Alley

Poetry Bootcamp Instructor – Saturday, June 30

“Hello, Nature, What Do You Have to Tell Me Today?” 


Take the lessons learned from Haiku (expressing emotion through observations of nature) and apply them that to other forms of writing.

Learn to transform writing (prose) into poetry.

This class will be held outside with plenty of places to sit, write, recline, ponder, observe, inspect, etc.

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WHEN: Weekend of June 30 &  July 1

COST: $49 for one day or $99 for weekend

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BIO: Gwendolyn Alley, MA is a successful blogger, marketer, journalist, and college writing teacher based in Southern California. She has BAs in Environmental Studies and Literature/Creative Writing, a graduate certificate in Education, a Masters in English and a PhD in process in Depth Psychology with an emphasis in Community, Liberation and Ecopsychology.

Gwendolyn writes, blogs, and tweets about wine, travel, family, writing, and green practices. Personable and well-rounded, Gwendolyn is an experienced writer who knows how to engage and build an audience. Gwendolyn’s embrace of social media consistently puts her in the ranks of the top 5% influencers in the world according to her Klout influence score.

A participant at three American and one European Wine Bloggers Conferences and with intentions of attending the 2012 Wine Bloggers conference in Portland and the Wine Tourism Conference in Croatia 2013, Gwendolyn knows many of the key bloggers and influencers in the wine and beverage industry.

In 2009, Gwendolyn was chosen by beverage industry publicist Jo Diaz to travel to Portugal in an all expense paid trip to blog about her experiences there. In 2009 and in 2010, she was featured in documentaries about wine blogging. In 2010, Gwendolyn’s blog posts about Washington wine led to her selection for an all-expense paid tour of Washington with other bloggers.  In 2010, she spoke at the Women’s conference organized by Maria Shriver. In 2011, Gwendolyn served on a panel on wine at the International Food Bloggers Conference. In 2011 and 2012, she was named an influential Woman Wine Blogger by Jo Diaz, and in 2012 was listed by Michael Wangbickler.

A WordPress aficionado, Gwendolyn has attended and live-blogged four WordPress conferences (2008, 2009 in SF and in LA, and 2011). Gwendolyn grew her blog readership steadily by developing blogs on specific topics which attract subscribers to their areas of interest. On Facebook, Gwendolyn currently admins two pages and two facebook groups. She has over 2000 twitter followers.

 As a writing and blogging coach, a graduate of Women’s Economic Ventures program in Ventura, and as a member of No More Nylons, Gwendolyn frequently advises others on social media questions and teaches them how to build traffic, followers, and readers using Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress.

The granddaughter of a Calavo grower and the great granddaughter of Anna Paquette who ran Shepherd’s Gardens in Ventura for Theodosia Burr Shepherd and wrote about gardening for the LA Times, Gwendolyn comes from a family who has long cared for the land. A published poet, Gwendolyn lives in Ventura near the ocean with her eight year old son Reed and her husband Marshall. As a family, they love skiing, traveling, camping, and gardening.

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