Scott Rubenstein


For All Genres: “Memoir: Hooking the Reader and Adapting your Personal Story to Any Media or Genre”


In the Memoir Class I’ll share “Writing Comedy – Finding the Humor in the Tragedy and Drama” + “Lessons Learned from Writing for Star Trek The Next Generation: Creating Values, Rules and Imaginary Worlds For Your Story” and “Adaptation – How to Transform Your Novel, Poem or Play into a Script or Visa Versa”. This is workshop is co-taught with my wife Devorah Cutler Rubenstein.

WHEN: Saturday & Sunday, June 22-24

COST: $299


BIO: Scott Rubenstein has written over thirty produced episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation to Night Court to MacGyver.  Scott is currently writing a feature length Sci Fi thriller/comedy.  He is also an EA with his own tax business in Los Angeles at

Scott started making up stories after reading a nursery rhyme about soldiers fighting in the bed covers and he’s been telling stories ever since.  Since there was not a good outlet for this new developed skill, Scot would get into trouble just so he could make up a story to get himself out of it. For years he continued to put himself in odd situations, using his wit, humor and creative imagination to influence positive endings of his odd situations. He taught in the Peace Corps in the Philippines and continued to make up stories for the people there.

While teaching Catholicism in Sacramento at a Catholic school (as a Jew), Scott ended up winning a comedy contest for Twentieth Century-Fox and later became a member of Fox’s Comedy Writers Workshop.

In addition to television, Scott co-wrote DIET DOCTOR an MOW for 20th Century Fox and PEACOCK BLUES for ShowTime Television. which won Best Short Film for the Moondance Film Festival and Audience Favorite.  Scott also co-wrote the award winning documentary NOT AFRAID TO LAUGH, and his feature film credits include SCAR LOVER (an adaptation of Harry Crew’s novel for Cutler/Saxon Productions) and his feature film script BUM DEAL.

He is currently writing screenplays, working as a movie consultant, teaching screenwriting at Southern California University at Northridge and teaching workshops. And, he still makes up stories in bed.