Teddy Macker

Poetry Instructor

Poetry & Attention”


Genius, says William James, is nothing but a power of sustained attention.

This course will explore such genius, focusing primarily on the relationship between deepening one’s attention-to-this-world and deepening one’s poetry.

Greats of attention—Issa, Denise Levertov, Gary Snyder, Robinson Jeffers, Joseph Stroud, and others—will serve as our models, our seers to emulate.

Please be prepared to write a few poems and participate in discussions.

BIO: Teddy Macker teaches in the College of Creative Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Among his honors is the Reginald S. Tickner Fellowship of the Gilman School in Baltimore. His work—poems, translations, essays, and short stories—appears in the Antioch Review, New Letters, the New Ohio Review, Orion, the Seneca Review, the Southern Humanities Review, The Massachusetts Review, The Sun, and elsewhere. He lives in the Painted Cave community in the Santa Ynez Mountains with his wife and daughter.